The Artist

Since 1995, Dunluna has been working and developing his style of painting, experimenting with mediums, researching painting techniques and getting inspiration from nature. 

Dunluna experimented with different mediums over the years. He prefers acrylic overall, although he has not limited himself to this type of medium.

As an appreciator of visual art, Dunluna constantly researches new and exciting ways to express his feelings in the canvas. By visiting art museums and galleries, he was inspired by the great artists' styles and techniques which allowed him to develop his own style.  

This landscape artist gets his inspiration from the ever changing seasons. From a drive through the countryside to a falling leaf, he has created paintings capturing these moments. Although, his preference is compositional landscape. Dunluna does not settle for one type of subject. His other works includes portraitures and nude figurines.

Dunluna has exhibited his paintings with other fellow artists during the last ten years. Now, with an exciting collection of paintings, this once award winning artist is launching his own exhibitions.